The BIG Ugly Monster

Big UGLY Monster

You may not realize this, but there is a menacing monster common to most people. We have all seen it from time to time. It is there lurking in the background waiting to strike at just the right moment. When we least expect it, it is there. Some people are so used to having it around, that they think it is normal and acceptable.

That monster is called FEAR! Fear is the great paralyzer. It can overtake and overwhelm your endeavours in short order. Fear can halt a great effort with little effort. If you are not aware of its ugly presence, fear can prevent you from ever making a change. It can easily rob you of any hope for a successful outcome.

As Dr. Charles Stanley said, “Fear stifles our thinking and action. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence and the downward spiral begins.”

Giving into fear is easy. Anyone can do that. It takes no talent or great skill to allow fear to control you. But you can get beyond fear and slay that ugly monster. Here are steps to doing just that.

  1. Understand FEAR: This is something that most people do not understand, and many of us who do comprehend it, struggle with it regularly. Fear is merely expecting the worst outcome in a given situation and allowing yourself to buckle under to belief in that result. Fear is a fictitious story playing itself out in your mind. Know the truth. What you fear is unlikely to actually happen.
  2. Identify FEAR: As soon as you say, “it can’t be done” or “I can’t do that”, stop what you are doing and change the story that you are telling yourself. Rather acknowledge that what you are experiencing is fear and fear is irrational. If you have a fear of something like public speaking, admit it. Realize that everyone on the planet speaks, it is not an unusual task. Your fear can be conquered.
  3. Conquer FEAR: Once you have identified fear, look that ugly monster in the face, walk towards it. You will see it for what it really is, a nonsensical story, and that will destroy it. Take action. When you move forward in-spite of your fears, you will see how small they are in reality and they will diminish, and disappear. Victory will be yours.

Eventually you’ll look back and laugh at how silly your fears were. You will learn that fear is usually unfounded and was your biggest stumbling block to success. You will find that success breeds success, which in turn defeats the ugly FEAR monster. It will become a springboard in your journey to success.



Have You Made Time For Yourself Lately?

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Yes.  I’ve asked you a question, now, are you able to give an answer?  Have you taken some time for you lately?  We all know how important it is to make a good impression, to be seen as a hard worker, to take pride in your work and do it well, but have you stopped to take some time for yourself?  Through all the things we do and relationships that we cultivate it is really important that we stop and take some time to cultivate and build our own passions and interests.  Part of strong leadership is making sure that you are at your best, and taking time to indulge yourself could be the difference between being a leader that is mindful, positive and true and one that is self-absorbed and uncompromising.

When you decide to take time out for yourself, make sure that it is spent indulging your wants and needs.  It’s great to spend time with family and friends, but keep in mind that it is important to reconnect with yourself.  Amidst all the busyness of life, we often find ourselves doing for others more often than ourselves by making sure employees are happy, ensuring that the needs of significant others are met or spending time with children.  So when you finally have the time to truly do what you want, ensure that you make the best of it in order to feed your spirit.

The first thing you need to do when making time for yourself is to carve out and claim that time as your own.   Write it on the calendar, etch it in stone, do whatever you need to, but make the time. Try to find an opening at least every other week to do something that is just for you.  Whether it is going for a peaceful walk or taking a cooking class, taking time to indulge your interests will allow you the chance to put things into perspective as well as cultivate your growth as an individual.

What we tend to forget as we achieve our goals and build our business as well as endeavour to be the best we can be, is that we need to put ourselves on this list too.  We need to take the time and build ourselves up, to keep ourselves passionate, and to do what we do so well.  Lead.  Build.  We need to matter, so take time and make yourself count, because if you don’t, who will?

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