Pushing The Boundaries

entrepreneur at work

So you’ve gotten yourself into a pretty good groove, you have started building a pretty loyal client base, orders are coming in, you’re finding time to see friends and family, and you feel like you are actually starting to realize your dream of being your own boss is actually starting to become a reality. You couldn’t ask for much more, you feel successful, you’re starting to be successful, but there’s just one thing that just doesn’t seem to be working for you. Boundaries. It’s been something that you have been putting on the backburner, you’ve had other more important things to deal with, and, in all honesty, you were so tired and working so hard that you couldn’t have even been bothered to make the effort. But now you have the time, so what do you do?

Boundaries, particularly boundaries for working from home, are much like the Lochness Monster, elusive, mysterious, and questionable in their existence. You would never think of waltzing into your spouse’s office without asking or storm in demanding where they put your favourite cheese, but for whatever reason, when you work at home you aren’t ‘really’ working. Here are a few tips to help cement those boundaries:

  1. Put up signs. Signs work. They’re clear, concise, and let’s face it, intimidating. If you see a sign on a door at eye level, you can’t miss it. The majority of people will stop and read it, causing a moment of pause. It’s the pause that you need for them to actually stop and remind themselves that you are working. Yes. You actually are really working in there.
  1. Post a schedule. Are you busy? Yep. Says so on the schedule. Do you have time for coffee? Nope. I’m working. Look at the schedule. Yep, it definitely gets easier if you can refer to the (yep, you guessed it!) schedule.
  1. Educate your children. Children are perhaps the ones that find the whole concept of working from home the most mysterious and perhaps the most flexible in terms of availability. If they are old enough to read the schedule, than most likely they are at an age where they can understand that you have a job to do. But what do you do for the little ones that just want to have some mommy or daddy time? Using a stop light system can work wonders. When you are open for some distraction, put up the green light, if you are maybe busy but have some time, the yellow, and if you have too much work and can’t be interrupted, don’t hesitate to plaster that red all over the door!



The Best 4 Letter Word

4 letters

You have made choices to change your life. You have decided to work on a plan where you can fire your boss. You have set goals, made projections; decided that NOW is your time. Success is right there staring you in the face. You can feel it, taste it, and smell it and it is thrilling. You are a self-sufficient small business owner… or are you?

Often when you take the initial step to make your dream of self-employment from home a reality, you make a little progress, and then you stall. Your sails lose their wind and your ship seems rudderless. You go round and round in circles, seemingly headed in no particular direction. We have all experienced it, or at some point will. At this point many people make the wrong choice – they QUIT!!

The best and right choice to make is to utter a four letter word. Let it fly out of your mouth, directed at the right person. The most helpful four-letter word to use at this point is HELP!! 

There are plenty of other four letter words that individuals may choose to blurt out, but they will not be productive, nor will they bring you success. Speaking the word HELP, accompanied by please will work wonders for your business. It will move mountains, unlock doors of opportunity and open you up to possibility.

Whatever business you are in, there is someone who has been in it longer and has learned from their own mistakes. Seek them out. Go to them. Tell them how much you respect them and admire their accomplishments. Tell them that you need HELP. Ask them to be your mentor.

If you are in a network marketing organization, there are individuals who are “Rock Stars” in that organization, they have climbed the high heights and upon the shoulders of greater men and women have achieved a certain level of success. Reach out to them, explain your goals, ask them for HELP, and be willing to learn, be humble, malleable and grateful. They will more than likely help you get going and help keep the momentum going.

If you are sincere and dedicated to willingly learn, those that you ask for HELP will be the wind in your sail. And when you become more successful, you will do the same for many others who come up behind you. HELP begets HELP.