Random Acts of Kindness

Helping Hand

“Kindness is a Language which the Deaf Can Hear and the Blind Can See” ~ Mark Twain

Have you paid someone forward lately? Offering a random act of kindness has been an idea that has percolated under our cultural ideals for some time, but I often wonder how many of us actually subscribe to this way of living? How many times a day does someone do something nice for us? How often do we extend random acts of kindness to complete strangers?

We take for granted the common courtesy of doing something nice for some else. We are motivated by the need to fulfill our own desires first, to survive in this crazy world of competition and constantly needing to be better. But are we? If we just took a few moments and gave a smile, helped someone who was struggling with his or her groceries, or simply bought the coffee of someone behind us in line, could we create a ripple that touched many? It’s an interesting concept and one that can’t be argued with. When people feel good, they do good things, when the hand of humanity is outstretched, who can resist the heartfelt thought of a stranger?

In all honesty, doing a random act of kindness is as beneficial for us as it is the person on the receiving end. Do you remember the feeling of giving someone a present, yet expecting absolutely nothing in return? Do you remember the feeling of knowing you had done something nice for someone else simply out of the goodness of your own heart? These feelings give birth to positivity, something that has taken a back seat in our need to claw ahead mindset. But I challenge you to take the time. Be the change, and do something different. So go out today and do something completely random for a complete stranger. Buy someone a coffee, smile, or give someone on the street corner a desperately needed meal. Whatever you choose, be that one small change in someone else’s life that could make a big difference.





Why Naps Can Make You Healthy And Rich

Power Napping

Have you been having trouble getting to sleep? Do you have visions of packages, boxes, cans and bottles dancing through your head for hours on end? Perhaps you’re exhausted? If sleep has become that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, then maybe it’s time to draw a line in the sand before you go driving yourself off into a ditch. Did you know that sleeping is an important part of being successful? You can’t be successful and continually sleep deprived, so let’s discuss how catching a few ZZZZZZs will help you function at your best.

  • Sleep helps the brain to rest and renew itself. Resting a busy mind results in better cognitive functioning skills as well as a greater capacity for critical thinking. Deciding to skip sleep for a few days at a time will start to diminish your work output significantly.
  • Maintain emotional health. We’ve all been there. We’re overtired, over worked, and our emotions are walking a fine line between hysterical squeals of laughter and uncontrollable sobbing. Riding the emotional roller-coaster only leads to bigger problems when dealing with customers or conducting meetings with team members, so do you a favour and take a little siesta.
  • Keep work out of the bedroom. Although a simple and easy rule, it is often one that is extremely difficult to maintain. Keeping in mind that a rested you is a happy, productive you and will go miles for keeping your brain from wandering aimlessly during the day. Learn to shut the door of work and turn of the hamster wheel. You chose to be your own boss for a reason and I’m sure there are plenty of other things you could be doing in the bedroom…Like SLEEPING!
  • Weight gain. Not getting enough sleep can easily result in some very messed up habits, not to mention eating more of the foods that aren’t ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Insomnia can often has us wandering to the fridge at odd times of the night, as well as craving those foods that have a tendency to pack on additional pounds.

Allowing your body a chance to rest will often give you a different perspective on your life. Well rested you are able to handle challenges with more tenacity, handle difficult clients with more patience, and measure your successes with a less critical eye, so please, for the success of your business, make sure to get some sleep.