What Happens In Movember, Stays in Movember.

What Happens In Movember

So you’ve been working from home for some time now, but you’ve noticed a few things have begun to slip, and so has your significant other. And maybe a few close friends and family members have started looking at you a little funny along with some complete strangers that you encounter on the way to the market. Do you know what I’m getting at? Can you hear it coming? Yep, you’ve turned into, a slob. Working from home, although flexible and totally freeing, has a few things that you may need to be prepared to stumble through while you embark on this crazy journey. Most people who have worked from home have gone through it, so don’t feel like you’re alone, and don’t feel too embarrassed either, just think of this as an intervention of sorts. You need to make an effort, because you’re worth it, and so is your business!

You know, it’s great that you are working smart and your business is starting to take off, but you need to be real with yourself. Everyone appreciates a person who showers. Has it been that long? You’ve forgotten where it is haven’t you? Well here, let me give you a friendly reminder. It’s really close to a toilet and a sink. You’ll have to look up on the wall and find a long skinny metal thing that comes out from wall close to the vicinity of the bath tub. Oh, you’re not sure about that one either, well, look for somewhere in the bathroom where there is a curtain or glass doors. Found it? Great! And you see that bar of soap? Yes that one on the ledge, it’s used for cleaning, and it’s your friend. Yup that’s the one, and while you climb in there don’t hesitate to use the shampoo either, it will really liven up your hair, it’s been looking a little dull lately.

Another thing we should probably have a conversation about is shaving. You know, although the beard thing is really in right now or maybe your hoping to support Movember a few months early, you may just want to take a few quick thoughts of the possible impression your giving to those new contacts you have been meeting with on Skype over the last few days. It totally slipped your mind didn’t it? It’s alright; everyone can’t look their best all the time, so maybe it’s a good time to think about having a shave or at least a nice trim. You’re welcome, and just think, you’ve just had a shower so you’re primed and ready to go!

Wow, with just a few small changes you’re looking like a brand new person, now you just need to put on some pants. No, you can’t just put on a dress shirt. Remember the Skype meeting you had last week, the one where you forgot you weren’t wearing any pants? Yes, that’s right, I knew you would remember. I’m so glad I could help! Everyone needs an intervention every now and again.

Happy grooming.



Random Acts of Kindness

Helping Hand

“Kindness is a Language which the Deaf Can Hear and the Blind Can See” ~ Mark Twain

Have you paid someone forward lately? Offering a random act of kindness has been an idea that has percolated under our cultural ideals for some time, but I often wonder how many of us actually subscribe to this way of living? How many times a day does someone do something nice for us? How often do we extend random acts of kindness to complete strangers?

We take for granted the common courtesy of doing something nice for some else. We are motivated by the need to fulfill our own desires first, to survive in this crazy world of competition and constantly needing to be better. But are we? If we just took a few moments and gave a smile, helped someone who was struggling with his or her groceries, or simply bought the coffee of someone behind us in line, could we create a ripple that touched many? It’s an interesting concept and one that can’t be argued with. When people feel good, they do good things, when the hand of humanity is outstretched, who can resist the heartfelt thought of a stranger?

In all honesty, doing a random act of kindness is as beneficial for us as it is the person on the receiving end. Do you remember the feeling of giving someone a present, yet expecting absolutely nothing in return? Do you remember the feeling of knowing you had done something nice for someone else simply out of the goodness of your own heart? These feelings give birth to positivity, something that has taken a back seat in our need to claw ahead mindset. But I challenge you to take the time. Be the change, and do something different. So go out today and do something completely random for a complete stranger. Buy someone a coffee, smile, or give someone on the street corner a desperately needed meal. Whatever you choose, be that one small change in someone else’s life that could make a big difference.