The Bing Facebook Connection

I have talked a lot in the past year about social media, and you can’t talk social media without talking Facebook. Now, there is more reason than ever to make sure that you have your Facebook page in order. The new Facebook-Bing partnership will, I predict, literally create a cosmic shift in the way search engines deliver results and in the way marketing can be leveraged. Facebook, as well as other social media avenues, but particularly Facebook, needs to be something you make top priority – not just this year, not just this quarter, but RIGHT NOW. If you’re not a part of the coming wave, you’re going to be washed out with the tide.

While Bing is in the relationship to hopefully gouge some market share from Google, Facebook is in it to eradicate Google PPC as a marketing approach and replace it with Facebook ads, pages, like buttons, and campaigns. Zuckerman may be many things, but he’s not a loser, and if you’re the gambling kind, I’d put money on the success of this venture. While both companies are maximizing their own value with the partnership, the purpose of the Facebook-Bing partnership is to make searching more personal.

The results you get on your computer when you perform a search or going to be different than your friend’s down the street, because in the background, there are going to be all kinds of algorithms at work in the background taking into account where you are, what you like, and what else you do on the Internet. The two immediate ramifications of the partnership, the Liked Results and the Facebook Profile Search, offer Internet marketers a huge opportunity. Searches on Bing will bring back results ranked in part based on whether or not their friends “Liked” it through Facebook. Basically, the more people you can get to “Like” you on Facebook, the higher your rank will be.

In my mind, it doesn’t really matter what the techno mumbo-jumbo is behind the scenes that is making it all work. What matters is how we, as Internet marketers and entrepreneurs, can make it work harder for us. It starts by having a well-developed, customized Facebook fan page and actively building your fan base. The way the Bing-Facebook partnership will work means that search results will be tailored to an individual’s social network. In other words, if the person performing the search has friends who like your page, you are more likely to show up with a high rank in the search results.

There is no doubt that this will be a game changer in the SEO field. As an entrepreneur with an online business, changes in the SEO game require you to stay on top of social media and internet marketing strategy. Start taking advantage of the leverage available with Facebook’s 500 million users and position yourself for success, and use Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media venues to help build your facebook fan base. You simply cannot afford to not to.




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