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Aaron Parkinson is a loving husband and proud father of three children. He is a life-long entrepreneur who specialises in cutting edge sales and marketing. His passions include Crossfit, Martial Arts, and travel. Some of Mr. Parkinson’s business accomplishments include: online sales of over $100 million, mentoring of students in over 100 countries, and private training of over 20,000 people.

Aaron is a crowd favorite and can be found coaching on stage five times per year. His hard-hitting style of teaching people how to “get out of their own way” has earned him an international reputation as someone who can truly help people succeed.

Aaron is currently the owner of Nutrie, a health and wellness company that focuses on helping people achieve their ideal body weight with their revolutionary program Automatic Body.

16 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Thanks Aaron for creating CCPRO ** After 8 years in the MLM business besides training people in personal leadership with focus on Health and Wisdom it´s like “coming home” by adding the BIG W for Wealth //Nancy S

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  3. Im pleased I located this blog, I couldnt find any information on this subject prior to. Also run a niche site and if you are ever serious in doing some guest writing for me if possible feel free to let me know, i’m always look for people to check out my blog site. Please stop by and leave a comment sometime!

  4. aaron thanks I really needed this today.I have had to have this fighting spirit all my life but never so much as since I have joined ccpro.I am the lady you spoke with on the phone with on the leadership call with month before last about how impressed I am with this educational format.Yes I still am.
    Today and this past week I have taken some tuff blows and been knocked down pretty hard.I listened to the good morning call..this morning and right after that I received another blow.Broke down for a couple minutes felt a bit defeated started to feel sorry for myself and then I stopped and said put the gloves back on girl your stronger than any what… regroup and figure out a new strategy.
    Go read arrons blog.Trials come and they go and this to shall pass and I have gotten back up and will fight some more.Your an awesome guy aaron and so is the rest of the ccpro leadership.Till I get to meet you in person one day may you be continually blessed.
    Carmen Jones

  5. Hello Aaron. This is my first time on your blog. I am with
    Carbon Copy Pro and also with Wealth Masters I am working hard trying to build a website & build blog site. It is bit
    of a straggle. But I can do it.
    Enjoyed your Blog. Thank. Sandrs

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  7. Hello Aaron, This is my first time on your blog too. Also with CCPRO and WMI..almost two months now. Still building and creating my “Presence”..what a ride!! I am very passionate with the whole ” Journey to Live the Dream” although the result is “so near yet so far”.. I know I’m on a “Foreign Land”..and I might not just hit the Target. I’m learning hard but sometimes not so smart that I must admit. Until ” I’ve Graduated ” then only I’ll “Return Home” because that’s where my “WHY” is and are. You have inspired me so much. I wish to educate my people back home on Financial Education. I used to be a “Financial Consultant” with a Government Bank but age caught up with me before I could realize it, it was time to retire..haha!.As far as Internet Marketing is concerned; it is still very new to me..yes I do hold The BBA(hons)Marketing..but that’s beside the point.It was as if CCPRO is GOD given to me when I stumbled onto it. I’m a single mom if you not already know me..from Malaysia. We do connect on Twitter and FB.

    Enjoyed your Blog..and my heartiest thanks to you.

    Have a nice weekend.

    *PS Six years ago I was “Just like” Mr.Steve Job’s story and until today I still have “The Chemo Pot” implanted on my upper right chest..Psssss don’t let others know about this ok?.

  8. Hello Mr. Aaron always follow you in Twitter and Facebook and aspire to help ready for the perseverance and diligence in order to learn how to profit from the Internet your resume bus in this area …………….. Thank you for the opportunity to correspond with

  9. Hi Mr. Parkinson, just join CCPro about a month ago, still learning, I say it was a sign to join because like 200 mts from my house a MIDAS has just opened, it´s the first in my country and when I read Jay´s story about how he was working in one before he was an Internet guru and the fact I was looking for something that demanded total commitment, but not so much money, well that was a winning combination for me…big fan of your blog and Master Marketing Mondays, The way you guys think totally outside the box is something I wish to accomplish, since is the trademark of anyone being successful. Thank you for creating Pro

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